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Together we heal, thrive and transform

Together we heal, thrive and transform

About us

Welcome to Ephatha Speech Therapy Centre! We are a dedicated team of speech-language pathologists and professionals committed to providing comprehensive and effective speech therapy services to individuals of all ages.

At our center, we understand the significance of communication skills in daily life and the challenges that can arise when those skills are compromised. Our mission is to empower individuals with speech and language difficulties to reach their full potential by improving their communication abilities.


We strive on improving the Quality of Life. We not only focus on the goals to be achieved but also on the emotional and mental stability of the patient. Their satisfaction is our priority. We care with love and compassion.


Speech and Language Therapy
All types of speech and language therapy for children and adults.
Articulation therapy
Oral motor therapy
Fluency therapy
Auditory Verbal therapy
Voice therapy
Swallowing therapy
Conversation skills
Counseling sessions
Online and offline therapy
Articulation Therapy

Articulation Therapy is a form of speech therapy that focuses on improving the clarity and accuracy of an individual's speech sounds.

Oral motor Therapy

Oral motor therapy is a type of Therapy that aims to improve the strength, coordination, and movement of the muscles used for speech, swallowing, and overall oral function.

Fluency Therapy

Fluency therapy is a specialized form of speech Therapy that focuses on helping individuals who struggle with fluency disorders, such as stuttering, develop smoother and more fluent speech patterns through various techniques and strategies.

Auditory Verbal Therapy

Auditory Verbal Therapy helps children with hearing loss develop listening and spoken language skills using intensive, evidence-based methods.

Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy improves voice quality and addresses vocal disorders through exercises and techniques to enhance vocal control and overall vocal health.

Swallowing Therapy

Swallowing Therapy helps individuals with swallowing difficulties improve safety and efficiency through exercises and strategies.

Conversation skills

Conversation skills training improves communication by teaching techniques like active listening, turn-taking, and understanding social cues.

Counseling session

A counseling session is a confidential conversation with a trained professional to address personal, emotional, or psychological challenges and promote well-being.

Online and offline Therapy

Online Therapy is conducted through digital platforms, providing convenience and accessibility, while offline Therapy is conducted in-person, offering direct interpersonal connection and non-verbal cues. Both aim to address mental health concerns and promote personal growth.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

I had a wonderful experience at Ephatha speech therapy center. The therapist is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. They took the time to understand the specific speech needs and developed a personalized treatment plan that was both effective and manageable. I have noticed significant improvements in the paient's speech and communication abilities after just a few sessions which I have suggested. The center itself was clean, well-maintained, and had all the necessary equipment and resources to facilitate a successful therapy experience. I highly recommend this speech therapy center to anyone looking to improve their speech and communication skills.

Benjo Cherian
Local Guide 48 reviews
2 weeks ago

What Our Patients Say About Us

Ms. Jincy has been training my child for past few months and I must say, she is extremely sincere in her job. She sends me regular updates of session. There is significant improvement in my child's speech and behaviour. Hats off to her efforts

Saliny Pillai
a month ago

What Our Patients Say About Us

Jincy has been treating my father who has speech issues resulting from a stroke. She has been very professional, patient and kind while treating him. We have seen improvement in his condition since her treatment started. If you are looking for a good speech therapist, I highly recommend her services. Thank you Jincy for taking such good care of my dad

L Paul
a week ago

What Our Patients Say About Us

Highly professional work environment with excellent work quality, the atmosphere is good for therapeutic intervention.

Providing quality diagnosis and intervention

Anumol Sabu
a month ago

Together we heal, thrive and transform

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+91 8848917436

+91 8848917436